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Grade 4 March Quartets 2024

1st  Colchester City Pipes and Drums 

2nd Glen Duart

3rd  Cambridgeshire Caledonian B

4th  Cambridgeshire Caledonian A

Grade 4 MSR Quartets 2024

1st  Cambridgeshire Caledonian

2nd Laidlaw Memorial

3rd  Glen Duart

Grade 3 Medley Quartets 2024

1st  Laidlaw Memorial

2nd Glen Duart

Grade 3 MSR Quartets 2024

1st  Laidlaw Memorial

Grade 4 March Full Band 2024

1st  RATAE Pipe Band

2nd Reading Scottish

3rd Glen Duart

4th Cambridgeshire Caledonian

5th Laidlaw Memorial

6th Essex Caledonian

7th Suffolk Glenmoriston

8th City of Plymouth

9th Colchester City Pipes and Drums 

Best Drum Corps:    RATAE

Grade 4 Full Band MSR 2024

1st  RATAE 

2nd Glen Duart

3rd Cambridgeshire Caledonian

4th Reading Scottish

5th Essex Caledonian


Grade 3 Medley Full Band 2024

1st  City of London 

2nd RATAE 

3rd  Macanta

4th  Reading Scottish 

5th  Essex Caledonian

Best Drum Corps: City of London

Best Mid Section Drums: City of London


Grade 3 Full Band MSR 2024

1st  City of London 

2nd Macanta

3rd  Reading Scottish

Grade 2 Full Band Medley 2024

1st  City of London 

2nd Macanta

Best Drum Corps:  Macanta

Grade 2 Full Band MSR 2024

1st  City of London 

Marching and Discipline 2024

1st  City of London 




Massed Bands 2023

Juniors & Juveniles 2024

U14 chanter            1st Thomas Howie (Essex Caledonian)

U14 pipes Slow Air        1st Sydney Charles (RATAE)

U14 pipes March           1st Sydney Charles

U18 March 4 parted    1st Isla Ewing (RATAE)

U18 6/8 march           1st Isla Ewing

U18 Strathspey & Reel  1st  Sydney Charles

U18 Piobaireachd Ground 1st Ethan Chan (Cambridgeshire Caledonian)


Adult Amateurs 2024

March, Strathspey & Reel

1st   Jock Barr (Macanta)

2nd  Jim Bell (1 IG)

3rd   Kaye Kellaway (City of Plymouth)


6/8 March

1st   Jim Bell (1 IG)

2nd  Jock Barr (Macanta)

3rd   Jens Roeser (Cambridgeshire Caledonian)

Piobaireachd Ground only

1st  Rhona McGurk 

2nd David Newman

3rd  Jens Roeser (Cambridgeshire Caledonian)

Piobaireachd Full

1st   Jock Barr (Macanta)

2nd  David Newman

CLASP (Competitive League of Amateur Solo Pipers 2024

                    2/4 March   SR    JIG   6/8 March  Piob (Full) Piob (G)


James Carnegie                                                  1


Tony Doherty (Macanta)    1              1        1         3

Colin Bathgate                 2             2        2         1

James Carnegie                3             3        3         2

Tom Broderick                                                                    1


Tony McLachlan (Macanta) 1             1         1          1               1

Stephen Barr (Essex )        2            2                    2


Open 2024

                                      MSR        H&J            Piob

Scott Armstrong                    1          1              1                        

James Stewart                      2          2              2

Peter Harvie (LA Scots)           3         3

Peter Candy (London Scottish)                           3

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