Grade 4 Quartets 2019

1st   Grampian (Corby) Association 

2nd  Colchester Pipes and Drums

3rd   Stow Caledonian

Grade 4 Band 2019

1st   Scunthorpe & District

2nd  Grampian (Corby) Association

3rd   Nottinghamshire Police

4th   Reading Scottish

5th  Seaforth LRC

6th  Essex Caledonian

7th   Glen Duart

8th  Stow Caledonian

Best Drum Corps:    Grampian (Corby) Association

Grade 4 March Strathspey and Reel 2019

1st    Scunthorpe & District

2nd   Nottinghamshire Police

3rd    Reading Scottish

4th   Seaforth LRC 

5th   Essex Caledonian

6th   Glen Duart


Grade 3 Medley 2019

1st   Nottinghamshire Police 

2nd  Reading Scottish

3rd   Grampian (Corby) Association

4th   Seaforth LRC

5th   Essex Caledonian

Best Drum Corps: Reading Scottish


Grade 3 March Strathspey and Reel 2019

1st  Scunthorpe & District


Grade 2 Medley 2018

1st  No entries


Marching and Discipline 2019



Corby young piper.JPG

Young piper in Massed Bands


Essex Caledonian Pipe Band

DM and Massed bands cropped.jpg

Massed Bands